Exlusive Interview with Zhang Jacky, Ultrapower Software

Leap, Strategy revolution to make better Converged Communication Service

↘ The current problem and defect analysis for RCS

↘ New ideas: how to truly simplify the user perception process of experiencing new service

↘ “Communication + Entertainment” to deliver long-lasting profitable service

↘ What kind of partners are operators looking for? Trustable and experienced

Zhang Jacky Zhang is the director in charge of Converged Comm. Solution and strategy for Ultrapower Software. The company has leading position in china for converged communication service co-operating with CMCC over 10 years, which is the china largest social media platform with up to 400million subscribers. He has been working in the field of internet and mobile internet industry for over 8 years. Leading the company’s CCS solution with operator partners in the region of South East Asia, Latin America and Europe.

Jacky has rich experience in social networking industry as he worked for several domestic companies for start-ups, where find public in domestic and NYSE stock market. Prior to joining Ultrapower, Jacky was responsible for business partner development, product innovation and marketing strategy in Digital Grid and the service has been served for over 10 countries with 5 million end-users.

Jacky Zhang graduated as BA bachelor at LSBU in London, and he received MBA in marketing from City University of Seattle, US.


What is your main objective in participating in the dedicated messaging event?

A: With the increasing competition environment between traditional telecom service and OTT service to make converged communication service seems even more active in the current discussion nowadays. And this is what we work on purpose for operators since the last decade to develop communication ecosystem for activating new century of messaging service.

Do you think operators still have a central role to play in the messaging market?

A: Well, obviously operator is losing money on messaging service by competing with OTTs, I am sure that operator still have an opportunity to keep up role in their hands but it will be faded out by without taking any activities. It is absolutely imperative for operators to change the former business point of view according to current market dynamics with trusted and experienced partner who is better understanding of internet world.

How do you think operators and OTT players and services should co-exist?

Operators and OTT players are being more likely to build community of interests, they have the essential advantages cannot be replaced by each other. As a matter of fact, OTT players have taught where operator needs to get improved and what customer is really wanted. However operator needs to move fast to keep up with the pace on monetize in the new century of IP communication.

How does your company plan to enhance the digital world and consumer experience within it, in the next 12 months?

A: As we are the Converged Comm. Service provider in global market that we are dedicated to work on target of providing customer-centric service for operator, it prompted us to build the china largest operator-owned IM platform with 400million users since the last decade. Perfectly integrated with communication and entertainment would be the purpose to execute the new strategy of communication ecosystem, to truly shorten the user perception process of experiencing new service for creating the long-lasting service for operators.

Why are you speaking at the Digital Services World Congress and what do you hope to get out from your time at the event?

A: To share the experience and presenting our thoughts on current IP communication that how can we leverage our experience to bridge even closer relationship between operators and subscribers from a mobile OTT player’s point of view. On top of that, we would like to see more market/technical trends of RCS service from operator’s point of view as well.


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