Exclusive Speaker Interview with Patrice Slupowski, Orange

Patrice SlupowskiIn the lead up to the Digital Services World Congress we spoke to several industry experts, who will also speak at the event. Please read below the interview with Patrice Slupowski, VP, Digital Innovation and Communities, Orange.


Do you think ecosystem players have found the winning M2M business model yet?

[PSL>>] I think that the most evident models (ie data subscriptions) are already in place but we’ll need some creative new models in the future to accompany the market acceleration


What challenges still stand in the value chain’s way when it comes to entering and profiting from new vertical sectors, such as wearables?

[PSL>>] We probably need to think about more comprehensive ways of selling not only the device or the service, but a full package which is going to answer a specific need of the customer. It means going beyond the early adopters to come with a vertical solution answering a tangible need.


Data monetisation, security and global reach are all key themes on the M2M & IoT agenda; what questions surrounding them still ‘keep you up at night’?

[PSL>>]  The only thing which is usually keeping me up at night is the flow of e-mails. I need a robot to handle that for me ;-) Security of the connected objects is a crucial question. The first time someone will be hijacking a drone will give a clear illustration of the issue. On the rest I also think we should work on the interoperability of the devices and platforms.


How does your company plan to enhance the digital world and consumer experience within it, in the next 12 months?

[PSL>>] We’re going to extend our proposition to the IoT players ecosystem to distribute their devices and services and aggregate the data of the devices for our customers. We surely want to help the emergence of the Personal Big Data. It has to be secured, easy to use for the customer as well as for the services developers.

Why are you speaking at the Digital Services World Congress and what do you hope to get out from your time at the event?

[PSL>>] Sharing our vision of the IoT evolution, and be able to meet the people with whom we are going to build the ecosystem of the connected things …

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