Exclusive Speaker Interview with Mahesh Fernando, Head -VAS, Airtel Sri Lanka

Mahesh FernandoIn the lead up to the Digital Services World Congress we spoke to several industry experts, who will also speak at the event. Please read below the interview with Mahesh Fernando, Head -VAS, Airtel Sri Lanka.


What is your main objective in participating in the dedicated messaging event?

 Messaging ecosystem is on a value migration and the telecommunication landscape has taken a different tern, on this backdrop it is, utmost important for mobile operator to keep up with the developments to capitalize and monetize on available opportunities.

Do you think operators still have a central role to play in the messaging market?

Well, it’s a yes and a no, however operator still have a role to play in this eco-system rather than a dump- pipe…..but, it all depends on how mobile operators are strategically align to the market dynamics + how open minded they are when it comes to fast adaption of technical trends.

How do you think operators and OTT players and services should co-exist?

This is like the two sides of a coin, its distinguishable but in-separable, hence, operators must look at a model where OTT developments can be used to their advantage by working with the OTT service providers and making it a win-win.  

How does your company plan to enhance the digital world and consumer experience within it, in the next 12 months?

This is a key driver in our business agenda and we are looking at partnering with as many OTT players and offer their services to our subscribers by offering different mediums to access ex. FB access via USSD and SMS for non-Data users + allowing customers to access their choice of OTT service with the kind of mobile device they have, rather than creating road blocks.

Why are you speaking at the Digital Services World Congress and what do you hope to get out from your time at the event?

Share the experiences and the strategic directions one can review in managing the digital world from a mobile operator’s point of view and hope to gain rich insights on the, ever so dynamic world of messaging and IP cloud


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