Exclusive Speaker Interview with Ian Smith, Technical Project Manager, GSMA

ian smithIn the lead up to the Digital Services World Congress we spoke to several industry experts, who will also speak at the event. Please read below the interview with Ian Smith, Technical Project Manager, GSMA.


What importance does the UICC have in the digital world?

While the digital world and the “Internet of Things” presents a huge opportunity to players in the mobile ecosystem it is imperative that personal information is kept secure. Over the past 20 years the UICC has provided  a robust security model for protecting customer information and on this basis the GSMA strongly supports the need for the UICC to remain at the core of future mobile services.

Which Over the Air solutions are being developed to support the connected world?

The GSMA has recently published a specification which provides a common mechanism the remote provisioning of embedded UICCs. This specification is supported by the world’s leading operators and UICC suppliers and the GSMA will be working with our members to implement this specification with key M2M customers over the next 12 months.

What advances in standardisation and interoperability are being made to enhance the digital world and consumer experience within it?

Common industry standards are a proven way to drive interoperability within the mobile ecosystem and the GSMA believes that an industry standard for Embedded UICCs and the resultant interoperability it will bring is critical for enabling the digital world and Internet of Things.

Why is SIMposium Global still a key meeting place and essential community event?

Key industry events such as SIMposiom and Mobile World Congress are absolutely critical to the success of our industry. They provide the platform for different industries to discuss common approaches to enabling the digital world.

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