Exclusive Speaker Interview with Giles Corbett, Head of Libon, Orange Vallée

Giles Corbett - Copy

In the lead up to the Digital Services World Congress we spoke to several industry experts, who will also speak at the event. Please read below the interview with Giles Corbett, Head of Libon, Orange Vallée.


Do you think operators still have a central role to play in the messaging market?

Absolutely, operators have a key and vital role to provide solutions to end users

How do you think operators and OTT players and services should co-exist?

We @ Orange provide our own OTT messaging play through Libon – available to anyone no matter what network they are on. We need to be able to compete head on with other OTT players, we need to be nimble and respond to consumer needs

How does your company plan to enhance the digital world and consumer experience within it, in the next 12 months?

Through Libon we will continue to innovate and seek global partnerships where appropriate

Why are you speaking at the Digital Services World Congress and what do you hope to get out from your time at the event?

DSWC will be a great place for us to enhance existing and forge new partnerships

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