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Now in its 14th year, the only leading messaging event in the market returns to deliver more up to date and high level content on operator and OTT messaging strategies.

Bringing together mobile and messaging operators, global and smaller regional OTT players, along with aggregators, enterprise customers and solution providers, the Global Messaging World Congress will once again prove a ‘very informative affair’ (mobilesquared, 2013).

Building on the 2013 event which saw interactive discussion, innovation show cases and plenty of lively conversations, the 2014 agenda delves into the OTT-MNO partnerships monetising new messaging opportunities, A2P  developments, the rise of new OTT players in emerging markets, as well as the global expansion being witnessed by more established OTT applications. Don’t miss out on the chance to quiz leading operators on their collaborative efforts supported by RCS and pinpoint new profit streams from the old SMS and new OTT and MMS worlds!

Successfully re-branding in 2013 after 15 years as the Mobile Financial Services & NFC Summit, the Mobile Wallet & Retail Innovation event returns in 2014 to explore in further detail the different models of mobile wallet being tried and tested, debating the importance of NFC, role of cloud payments and breaking down what the consumer really wants and most importantly, will spend from!

As the mobile wallet deepens, the two day agenda looks more closely at the many different aspects of mCommerce and how to bring complementary services to the wallet. Uniting retailers, mobile marketing and advertising experts, loyalty and couponing app developers, with traditional telco ecosystem players and those building the wallet infrastructure,  the 2014 event promises to continue the lively discussion which kept delegates in the room in June 2013!

The second M2M & Internet of Things event breaks down how operators can monetise their core competencies and the services beyond their network. A true ecosystem event, the agenda brings together operator M2M best practice within key vertical sectors, showcasing end user case studies alongside exemplary operator partnership and business models.

Dissecting how operators are making money in key vertical sectors including automotive, energy and mHealth, the 2014 agenda really gets to grips with the business models and technology needed to succeed in the Internet of Things, drawing on best practice from B2B2C and B2C business models and showcasing more real life use cases!

Join the M2M and IoT value chain, with representatives including mobile network operators, vertical end users, system integrators, network infrastructure providers, SIM card manufacturers and billing specialists, to identify how horizontal platforms can be developed to extend M2M communications to support the Internet of Everything.

Informa Telecoms and Media, in partnership with the SIMalliance, invites you to attend the 8th Annual SIMposium Global, the only international secure element forum dedicated to addressing the security, identity and mobility challenges of the mobile ecosystem.

For the 8th edition, SIMposium Global unites with the successful Digital Services World Congress. With the SIMposium agenda playing a key role in the Congress, the central importance of the secure element’s role in the digital world is recognised.

SIMposium Global brings together mobile operators, application developers, global payment providers, manufacturers, vertical end-users, security solution providers and OTT players, to advance understanding of the biggest issues facing the mobile community in 2014 and beyond.

Overcoming the security, identity and mobility challenges which continue to slow innovation in the connected world, remains the core objective of SIMposium Global and the co-location with the Digital Services World Congress brings more case studies and development opportunities as end users from the mCommerce, M2M and IoT ecosystems mix at this unique telecoms event.

I really thank Informa for the high qualified people involved during this conference and for the well organization for this event

Senior Manager, du

Great opportunity to meet industry players

Vice President, Messaging Product and Innovation, T-Mobile

I am looking forward to next year’s event already


Great to get all interested parties in one room and get perspective from all


Very helpful event to see the whole broad eco system growing


Nice place, nice people, everything you should learn about digital services and market trends

P4 (Play) Poland

‘Presentations covered all angles of the threat of OTT voice and messaging, and made it a very informative affair’


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